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A feminist breast cancer memoir of medical trauma, love, and how she found the strength to listen to her body. As a young, queer woman, Catherine Guthrie had worked hard to feel at home in her body. However, after years writing about women's health and breast cancer, Guthrie is thrust into the role of the patient after a devastating diagnosis at age thirty-eight. At least, she thinks, I know what I'm up against. She was wrong. In one horrifying moment after another, everything that could go wrong does -- the surgeon gives her a double mastectomy but misses the cancerous lump, one of the most effective drug treatments fails, and a doctor's error may have unleashed millions of breast cancer cells into her body. Flat is Guthrie's story of how two bouts of breast cancer shook her faith in her body, her relationship, and medicine.

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Catherine Guthrie

Catherine Guthrie is a memoirist and women's health journalist. Her debut memoir, FLAT: Reclaiming my body from breast cancer will be published Sept. 4, 2018, by Skyhorse Publishing.

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