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Five busy beavers building up a dam, closing up the river where the salmon swam. Gnawing down trees and ferrying the logs. Slapping on the mud that they gathered from the bog. Along came a muskrat who wanted to play, and one little beaver swam away. Five little beavers are hard at work on their dam until, one by one, their forest friends pull them away to play. After visits from a muskrat, a heron, a frog, and a turtle, there's just one hardworking beaver left at the end of the day. But when the fifth tired beaver leaves her sticks and mud behind and heads back to the lodge, a big surprise awaits! With catchy, playful rhyme based on the well-known song "Five Green and Speckled Frogs," irresistibly cute illustrations, and a supplementary page of facts about all the species featured, Five Busy Beavers makes counting and learning fun!.

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