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A journey from old traditions to modern Indian cooking with deliciously simple and gut-healing recipes that leave you feeling fulfilled - rather than full. Upon learning that rice and bread were the culprits for her husband's Type 2 diabetes, Deepa Thomas deconstructed and reinvented her native Indian cuisine. Deepa made anew seventy slow carb recipes, incorporating time-saving Western cooking techniques, breaking-news research on gut health and weight loss, and Ayurvedic wisdoms ("When diet is right, medicine is of no need; and when diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.") . After six months of cooking and eating "New Indian," Deepa lost twenty pounds and freed her husband from a ten-year routine of insulin shots. Part cookbook and memoir, Deepa's Secrets introduces breakthrough slow carb and gut-healing recipes that are simple and nutrient-packed, without sacrificing its rich South Asian flavors.

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Deepa Thomas

A graduate of Delhi University with degrees in journalism and political science, Deepa Thomas is the founding CEO of the internationally renowned Deepa Textiles. After twenty-one years and twenty-three awards, Deepa dissolved her ten-million-dollar enterprise to care for her aging parents. Four years later, a serendipitous conversation with University of California's Dr. Bobby Baron ended her self-imposed hiatus. Since 2010, Deepa has combined her passion for journalism with her newfound passion for cooking, deconstructing the principles of the most successful diets and healthy living practices in order to reconstruct a simple, slow carbohydrate Indian cuisine. She has amassed hundreds of recipes, lost twenty pounds, and freed her husband Thampy from his ten-year dependence on insulin shots.

Deepa and Thampy Thomas live in the Nob Hill section of San Francisco, not far from their two sons. For more about Deepa, visit www.deepassecrets.com

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