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With titles ranging from Attack on Titan to Pokémon, manga is a billion-dollar industry with millions of fans worldwide. Readers will love this step-by-step guide to drawing characters that resemble the Japanese comics and anime they love. In this book, fans can learn how to draw their own manga characters and join in on the fun. Manga Art for Beginners explores the basics, like how to draw faces and eyes, and gradually shows how to get into more complex drawings.Readers will learn to draw the following character types in easy, detailed steps:* Hero/Heroine* Schoolboy/Schoolgirl* Male and Female Ninja* Butler/Maid* Bishonen* Gothic Lolita* Shrine Maiden* Magical Girl* Chibi

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Danica Davidson

Danica Davidson is a novelist and journalist. She's published thousands of articles at such places as MTV, The Onion, CNN, Publishers Weekly, the Los Angeles Times and Ms. Her work at MTV earned her a Webby honor with a small group of writers for Best Youth Writing. She is represented by the James Fitzgerald Agency and her website is www.danicadavidson.com.

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