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My name is Charlie Chucky, I love playing Minecraft, and I am the son of an International Super Spy. Monday started out like any other day - until a spaceship crashed into my yard! My Super Spy Dad explained that there are aliens flying a meteor towards Earth and nobody can stop them. So the world is about to be crushed by a giant meteor ... but not if I can help it! This story is a funny adventure that is engaging for children, middle school students and grown-ups. It can be read as part of the Super Spy series, or as a stand alone story. Enjoy!

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Peter Patrick

Peter Patrick is the author of several children's books including the Diary of a Super Spy and Diary of a Ninja Spy series.
Peter's aim is to entertain children (and adults!) with stories that are engaging, exciting and laugh out loud funny.

Peter lives with his three beautiful children in a quiet town where he also writes best-selling thrillers under another name.

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