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Davy the pirate knows hes going to be in a lot of trouble when he drops a cannonball that makes a hole in the ship. For that reason, he doesnt tell anyone, until its almost too late. Luckily, Davys eventual honesty about the hole saves the ship. This exciting story of life at sea is expertly illustrated to give readers a strong connection to the text. Readers will learn about the virtue of honesty, and how owning up to something youve done is always better than hiding it.

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Tom Easton

Tom Easton is an experienced author of fiction for all ages and has had more than a dozen books published. He has written under a number of different pseudonyms in a variety of genres. Subjects include vampires, pirates, pandemics and teenage agony aunts (not all in the same book) . Tom lives in Surrey with his wife and three children and in his spare time works as a Production Manager for Hachette Children's Books. Follow Tom on Twitter: @TomEaston Tom's website address is

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