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Big Bear's forest friends eye his berries hungrily, but he doesn't notice as he digs into his delicious snack. When the old oak tree says, "Share, Big Bear, share," he thinks the tree has said, "Hair, Big Bear, hair!" One comical scene follows another as Big Bear keeps misunderstanding the old oak tree's message until things finally get sorted out. Whimsical illustrations highlight the humor in this gentle story about the importance of sharing something special with friends.

About the Author

Maureen Wright

Maureen lives in Athens, Pennsylvania with her husband, Don. They have three grown sons, Brian, Jeff, and Mark, and two daughters-in-law, Becky and Katie. In addition, Maureen and Don are blessed to have two grandsons, Caleb and Samuel!

Katie Wright is a very talented artist who illustrated Maureen and Katie's e-book, "Don't Wake the Croc!"

Maureen and Don have two cats, Juanita and Squirt. They also dog-sit their son's black lab, Gus. He thinks he is a lap-dog and likes to get in the way while Maureen is writing stories.

Maureen's Books:
"Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!"
"Sneezy the Snowman"
"Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!"
"Earth Day, Birthday"
"Barnyard Fun"
"Grumpy Groundhog"
"Go to Sleep, Maddie!"
"Don't Wake the Croc!"
"Share, Big Bear, Share!" (2017)
"Anna and the Tooth Fairy (2017)

The hardcover books are published by Two Lions. They are also picked up in soft cover by Scholastic Reading Club. "Don't Wake the Croc!" is an e-book published by KDP.

Check out Maureen's web site at: www.maureenwright.org

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