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The Wild West was home to many men and women looking for adventure and a new life. Back then, in a place of danger and intrigue, there were several characters that made their mark on the frontier. One woman was Calamity Jane. Born Martha Jane Cannary, Calamity Jane would become one of Americas best-known sharpshooters and horse riders. Her life is told in here in easy-to-read language and vivid illustrations sure to engage young readers.

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Alicia Klepeis

From circus science to jellybeans, Alicia Klepeis loves to research fun and out-of-the-ordinary topics that make nonfiction exciting for readers. Alicia began her career at the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C. Alicia is the author of over 130 children's books, both nonfiction and fiction. Her nonfiction titles include Gutsy Girls Go For Science: Astronauts How Smartphones Work, Artificial Intelligence And Humanoid Robots, Bizarre Things We've Called Medicine, and Living In The Rain Forest. Her fiction titles include the picture book Francisco's Kites, a series of World Adventure chapter books, and the middle grade historical fiction novel A Time For Change. She is currently working on several projects involving world cultures, vaccines and other medical topics, U.S. states, and American history. She lives with her family in upstate New York. Alicia taught middle school in Massachusetts for several years before becoming a writer. She loves doing school visits. Her website is https://www.aliciaklepeis.com

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