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In the bestselling tradition of A Perfect Storm and The Finest Hours, a harrowing account of the incredible true story of the recent shocking disappearance of El Faro, a gigantic American cargo ship that sank suddenly in the Bermuda Triangle in 2015 - taking with it thirty-three lives.On October 1, 2015, the SS El Faro, a cargo ship tall as a hundred-story building that made a regular run between Jacksonville, Florida and Puerto Rico, delivering everything from razor blades to new Chevrolet cars, disappeared in Hurricane Joaquin, a category 4 storm. The ship, her hundreds of shipping containers, and her entire crew sank to the bottom of the ocean, three miles down. The sinking was the greatest seagoing US merchant marine shipping disaster since World War II, and evoked the haunting resonances of Gordon Lightfoot's famous song, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

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George Michelsen Foy

George Michelsen Foy was born on Cape Cod, in Massachusetts. He has worked as a commercial fisherman, a magazine editor, a first mate on British tramp ships, and chief cream-puff transporter in a pastry factory in London, England. (Other jobs held in the course of a checkered career: investigative reporter, construction worker, political cartoonist, news photographer ...) . He was educated at University of Paris, the London School of Economics, and Bennington College. His latest novels are Mettle and The Art & Practice of Explosion (University Press of New England) ; a non-fiction book, Finding North: How navigation makes us human, will be published by Flatiron Books/Macmillan in May, 2016. A new novel, Enquête sur Kamanzi, will be published by Editions Globophile in Paris, France, in May, 2016. His short fiction has appeared in Notre Dame Review, Monkeybicycle, American Literary Journal, et al.: long-form essays in Harper's, Rolling Stone, Men's Journal, et al. He was awarded an NEA fellowship in fiction. He lives with his family in Southeastern Massachusetts and in New York City, where he teaches creative writing at NYU.

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