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The next steamy historical romance in "USA TODAY "bestselling and RITA award-winning author Meredith Duran s wonderfully indulgent ("Publishers Weekly") Rules for the Reckless series. SHE CAN T BE TAMED Bookish, spinsterish, awkward the world has endless names for women like Jane Mason. But that doesn t mean she has to answer to them. While the other girls waltz, Jane s planning a daring new future... but to realize her dreams, she ll need help from the one man she once vowed never to ask for anything. BUT HE LL TRY HIS DAMNEDEST Reputation can be a weapon, and Crispin Burke s is wicked. Known as the man who makes no mistakes, he recognizes a bad idea when he hears one and Jane, as always, is full of them. For instance, he s the last person from whom she should ask for help. But Jane can t know how closely he watches her... or how badly she misunderstands her own appeal. Her request sets off a terrible temptation: to make the first mistake of his life, without regard for the consequences... "

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