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Dingbatz are a fun and easy way to incorporate the fundamentals of Zentangle(R) into a wide variety of creative projects and bring attention and mindfulness to the smallest corners of your life. Fun complement to hand lettering, scrapbook, and art journaling projects Beginner-friendly, with few materials required to get started Techniques to practice and a world full of canvases to bring beauty and joy to others Author Brian Crimmins is a coach, speaker, and Certified Zentangle Teacher who uses the Zentangle(R) Method in his individual and group coaching and workshops Use Dingbatz to add flair to whatever you're working on - they provide a wonderful complement to any hand lettering, scrapbook, or art journaling project. Small enough to provide a sense of instant gratification when you make them, these "Zenbellishments" require few materials, making them accessible to all skill levels from beginner to advanced.

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