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Chicago in the dead of winter can be brutal, especially when you're scouring the frigid streets for a missing girl. Fifteen-year-old Ramona Titus has run away from her foster home. Her biological mother, Leesa Evans, is a recovering addict who admits she failed Ramona often in the past. But now she's clean. And she's determined to make up for her mistakes--if Cass can only help her find her daughter.Cass visits Ramona's foster mother, Deloris Poole, who is also desperate to bring the girl home. Ramona came to Deloris six months ago, angry and distrustful, but was slowly opening up. The police are on the search, but Cass has sources closer to the streets, and a network of savvy allies. Yet it seems Ramona doesn't want to be found. And Cass soon begins to understand why.

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Tracy Clark

Tracy Clark is an award winning writer of young adult novels. Please visit her website at www.tracyclark.org and be sure to sign up for her newsletter on the contact page for information on new releases and special promotions.

Her debut novel, SCINTILLATE, was inspired by her enchantment with metaphysics as a teen, seeing it as the real magic in life. It is the first book in The Light Key Trilogy (SCINTILLATE, DEVIATE & ILLUMINATE.) Her YA thriller, MIRAGE, released July of 2016 from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Tracy grew up a "valley girl" in Southern California but now resides in her native state of Nevada with her teenage daughter and son. She's a proud mom, lover of words, a private pilot, an ex-skydiver, a spicy chocolate connoisseur, and an irredeemable dreamer.

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