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In Tracy Clark's electrifying new mystery featuring Cassandra Raines, the former Chicago cop turned private investigator looks into a suspicious death as a favor to a friend - and makes some powerful enemies . . .

Sitting in cold cars for hours, serving lowlifes with summonses . . . being a P.I. means riding out a lot of slow patches. But sometimes the most familiar paths can lead straight to danger - like at Cass's go-to diner, where new delivery guy Jung Byson wants to enlist her expertise. Jung's friend, Tim Ayers, scion of a wealthy Chicago family, has been found dead, floating in Lake Michigan near his luxury boat. And Jung is convinced there's a murderer on the loose . . .

Cass reluctantly begins digging only to discover that Jung neglected to mention one crucial fact: Tim Ayers was terminally ill. Given the large quantities of alcohol and drugs found in his body, Ayers' death appears to be either an accident or suicide. Yet as much as Cass would like to dismiss Jung's suspicions, there are too many unanswered questions and unexplained coincidences.

Why would anyone kill a dying man? Working her connections on both sides of the law, Cass tries to point the police in the right direction. But violence is escalating around her, and Cass's persistence has already attracted unwanted attention, uncovering sinister secrets that Cass may end up taking to her grave.

About the Author

Tracy Clark

Tracy Clark is an award winning writer of young adult novels. Please visit her website at www.tracyclark.org and be sure to sign up for her newsletter on the contact page for information on new releases and special promotions.

Her debut novel, SCINTILLATE, was inspired by her enchantment with metaphysics as a teen, seeing it as the real magic in life. It is the first book in The Light Key Trilogy (SCINTILLATE, DEVIATE & ILLUMINATE.) Her YA thriller, MIRAGE, released July of 2016 from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Tracy grew up a "valley girl" in Southern California but now resides in her native state of Nevada with her teenage daughter and son. She's a proud mom, lover of words, a private pilot, an ex-skydiver, a spicy chocolate connoisseur, and an irredeemable dreamer.

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