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The disappearance of a teenage girl in upstate New York sets off a powder keg of accusations, bigotry, and fear - with deadly results - in Suzanne Chazin's stunning new thriller featuring Hispanic police detective Jimmy Vega . . .

On a frigid, January night, a blond, blue-eyed high school girl walks out of an English class she tutors for immigrants - and vanishes. Suspicion quickly falls on the men she was teaching, many of whom are undocumented. As disturbing evidence trickles in, news of the incident spreads beyond the scenic town of Lake Holly, New York, unearthing deep-seated fears and enflaming cultural tensions.

For county police detective Jimmy Vega, the situation is personal. His girlfriend, Harvard-educated attorney Adele Figueroa, heads the immigrant center where the teen volunteer disappeared. If Vega can't find the girl soon and clear Adele's clients, the place of refuge may be forced to shut its doors. Still reeling over his own recent career missteps, Vega does his best to run interference between Adele and the local police. But when Vega's boss assigns him a grunt detail working for the new county supervisor, the man's political ambitions clash with Vega's deepest convictions. Vega can't imagine a worse turn of events - until he uncovers even darker forces at play. Someone wants to destroy far more than Vega's career. And no matter which way he turns, every step will put him and his family in the killer's cross-hairs.

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Suzanne Chazin

Suzanne Chazin is an American author best known for the Georgia Skeehan mystery series, published by Putnam, about a New York City female firefighter-turned-fire marshal. She was born in Manhattan, New York and is a 1982 graduate of Northwestern University. Chazin spent 18 years in journalism, writing for publications including Family Circle, The Ladies Home Journal, Money Magazine and The New York Times. She is a former senior editor and writer for Reader's Digest, where she won several national awards. Her first novel in the Georgia Skeehan series, The Fourth Angel, was released in February 2001, followed by Flashover in 2002 and Fireplay in 2003. Her novels received critical praise and have been excerpted in the New York Times. In May 2003, she received the Washington Irving Children's Book Choice Awards for both The Fourth Angel and Flashover.

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