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The newest member of Martha's close-knit quilting circle has an eye for couture. But when the designer's fingerprints are found blanketing a crime scene, Martha must prove that he didn't have a hand in homicide! Martha Rose is alarmed by the discovery of Dolleen Doyle's dead body, especially when evidence suggests a fellow quilter committed the crime. Set on clearing her pal, Martha searches for answers - but with ties to a convicted fraudster's stolen millions and a secret office room, the victim's past raises even more questions. As Martha inches towards the culprit, she learns that wrapping the case up - and living to baste another square - will be trickier than she ever imagined . . . Praise for Mary Marks and her Quilting Mysteries "Characters are brilliantly written in entertaining situations .

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Mary Marks

Mary Marks grew up in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. The best selling author is an unrepentant Hidden Object game player and Sudoku addict. "Solving puzzles, finding patterns, piecing things together--that's what quilters and mystery writers do all the time.

On her award-winning Quilting Mystery series, Marks offers: "I always heard that the best stories come from writing what you know, so Martha Rose is loosely modeled after me: a divorced, overweight Jewish quilter of a certain age who lives in the San Fernando Valley."

Marks shares her home with Ginger, a sweet dog of undetermined ancestry, and her orange cat Louie.

Learn more about the author at www.marymarksmysteries.com

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