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Raised by Sasquatches, Pecos Bill can tame any mythical cryptid--whether it's a Chupacabra, Loch Ness monster, or jackalope. But when he joins the Crypto Kids Gang to share his critter skills, he soon faces a bucketload of troubles. Their ranch is getting crowded, a tornado is heading straight for them, and a girl named Sue wants to ride Bill's bunyip. Are some challenges too monstrous for even Pecos Bill to rein in? In this Far Out Folktale, the legend of America's greatest cowboy gets twisted about to create a wild graphic novel retelling for kids!

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Benjamin Harper

Benjamin Harper has published dozens of children's books, including the Bug Girl series from Macmillan (with Sarah Hines Stephens) , Obsessed With Star Wars from Chronicle Books; Star Wars: Ships of the Galaxy, Star Wars: The Power of the Dark Side and other Star Wars titles from Studio Fun!; A Christmas Carol and the Tell-tale Heart graphic novelizations from Capstone Books, and many more.

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