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Malik Jackson has never told anyone about his terror of the dark. When his friend Ian dares him to join a ghost-hunting mission in an abandoned mansion, Malik is afraid he'll be laughed at if he backs down. Especially since the girl he likes is part of the crew. Malik tells him himself that if he stays in lighted rooms, if the flashlights have enough batteries, if the power doesn't go out, he should be fine. Right? Darkness is bad enough, but what about those things inside the dark . . . things worse than Malik ever imagined!

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Brandon Terrell

Brandon Terrell is the author of numerous children's books, including picture books, chapter books, and graphic novels. He is also one of the writers for The Choo Choo Bob Show, an educational children's television program about trains. When not hunched over his laptop, Brandon enjoys watching movies and television, reading, baseball, and spending every spare moment with his wife and their two children.

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