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Let's face it: when it comes to mothers and their daughters, things can get a little . . . complicated. Momplicated, you might say.Whether your relationship with your mom has been wonderful or stressful, redeemed or broken, close or nonexistent, it's one of your life's most important and defining connections. Its effects have probably followed you into adulthood.If you have conflicting feelings toward mom -- or if you wish you could get past some of the baggage that holds you back -- this is your book. Combining spiritual disciplines and the best of current therapeutic practice, It's Momplicated will help you discoverHow your early connection with your mother may have impacted your sense of self and your other important relationships -- and what you can do to break the cycleWhy you and your mother have the relationship you have -- the underlying reasons that may be contributing to strain and uneaseTools and exercises to help you cope with some of the most common effects of a broken relationship, including anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, and trust issuesHow to be the daughter and mother God wants you to be even if your mom wasn't who you needed her to be.

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