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According to the U.S .Department of Justice, more than six million people are stalked each year in the United States alone. Don't become one of them! International cybercrime expert Alexis Moore can help protect you from the spurned lovers, angry neighbors, and jealous coworkers who use the Internet as the perfect way to exact revenge and wreak havoc on your life. In her essential book, she introduces the ten most common personality profiles of cyberstalkers - such as Attention-Getting, Jealous, Manipulative, Controlling, and Narcissistic - and their threatening online behaviors. Each chapter includes a quiz to help you identify the signs of that personality type in order to determine if you are in a potentially vulnerable relationship. Case studies illustrate how that particular cybercriminal operates, and Moore offers tips to prevent and/or recover from each type of cybercrime.

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Alexis Moore

Alexis Moore is an angelic office worker by day and a devilish writer of erotic romance by night. She's been writing stories purely for her own pleasure for years and finally thought: if she enjoys them, why not share them with the world?She published her hottest stories first, but now it's time to reveal her romantic side. Sign up for her newsletter:

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