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In this comprehensive and gorgeously illustrated book, Cathy Scott and Clay Myers, with a foreword by former NBA star Bill Walton, show how service and therapy dogs are having a profound impact on the lives of military personnel injured in action. Not only do our veterans deal with physical injuries, but they often return with psychological issues that can be treated with help, companionship, and love from working canines. Through moving stories and color photographs, Unconditional Honor highlights the nearly forty-year history of working dogs helping wounded veterans, the mental and physical combat traumas that are mitigated by the dogs, the selection and training of the dogs, including rescued canines, and what the future holds. Featured in the book are inspiring personal accounts of what the dogs mean to veterans, and how their lives have been forever changed and even saved since adopting canines.

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Cathy Scott

Cathy Scott is a tour de force in true crime as a Los Angeles Times bestselling author and an award-winning investigative journalist. She attracted international acclaim for her classic true-crime biographies, THE KILLING OF TUPAC SHAKUR and THE MURDER OF BIGGIE SMALLS. Ann Rule has described Scott as "a star writer in the crowded field of true crime."

Cathy Scott's seventh book, THE MILLIONAIRE'S WIFE, was released March 27, 2012. by St. Martin's Press about the 1990 contract murder of George Kogan on an Upper East Side Manhattan street in broad daylight. Fast-forward nearly 20 years, and Barbara Kogan, George's estranged wife, admitted to hiring a hit man to have her husband gunned down.

Her eighth book - the re-release and update of MURDER OF A MAFIA DAUGHTER - was published in March 2014 about the unsolved murder of writer Susan Berman at the hands of accused killer Robert Durst. The book includes exclusive information from investigators and new information about the prime suspect. It was named Best True Crime Book (2nd place) by ForeWord Reviews.

A memoir of a former drug kingpin, FREEWAY RICK ROSS: THE UNTOLD AUTOBIOGRAPHY, which Cathy co-wrote with Ross, was released in June 2014 to a standing-room audience at its Los Angeles launch and was a finalist in ForeWord Reviews' Best True Crime Books of 2014.

Her latest book, UNCONDITIONAL HONOR: WOUNDED WARRIORS AND THEIR DOGS, released in March 2015, is about the amazing relationships between wounded veterans and their service dogs and the organizations the provide the dogs at no cost.

Her latest fact-based true crime proposed book is about two teenage girls murdered six years apart on Torrey Pines Beach State Beach in southern California, murdered under eerily similar circumstances. Fifteen-year-old Barbara Nantais was strangled and her body partially mutilated in 1978, and 14-year-old Claire Hough in 1984. Police and the FBI for two decades said the murders were most probably committed by the same killer. But after DNA turned up matching blood and semen samples for Claire Hough's murder, police in October 2014 announced they'd solved the Hough murder and pointed to two men as the assailants, former police employee Kevin Brown and a sometimes homeless Nebraska man named Ronald Tatro, both of whom had since died. But an initial suspect in the case who, because of personnel changes at the police department, was never pursued. Meanwhile, the Barbara Nantais case remains open. Scott pursues the evidence and interviews police, neighbors, friends and family and profiles all three suspects.

A second project is the Dawn Viens case. Dawn, 37, disappeared on Oct. 18, 2010, after leaving Thyme Contemporary Cafe, in Lomita, California, that she and her husband ran. David Viens told police that he and his wife had argued. She didn't take her cell phone or stash of cash, and her car was later t

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