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Val Flores has always loved being a Soccer Sister. She and her best friend Makena have been part of the super competitive Brookville Breakers for a long time now, and she knows there's nothing that could break them -- or the team -- up. But when the other girls start talking about the winter dance and going boy crazy, Val begins to feel out of place. It doesn't help that her teammate Jessie has been acting super weird and later tells Val the team would be better off without her.When the Breakers play a game against El Fuego, a team from Val's school, she wonders if she should switch sides. Is Val's time with the Breakers up? Does she belong as a Soccer Sister after all? And should she quit while she's ahead -- even if it costs her team the indoor soccer championship? "The Soccer Sisters series isn't just about soccer.

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Andrea Montalbano

Andrea Montalbano grew up on a soccer field in Miami. She continued to play through college, acting as captain for her Harvard University soccer team and eventually being inducted into the Harvard Varsity Club Hall of Fame.

After college, Andrea pursued a career in journalism, attending Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. She was an English anchor at Vatican Radio, and then worked as a writer and Supervising Producer for NBC News and NBC's TODAY program.

Now the mother of two young players, Andrea is coaching, writing, and bringing all her loves together in Soccer Sisters, the follow-up series to Breakaway (2010) . Andrea lives outside New York City with her husband, Diron, and two children.

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