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Did you know that a mantis shrimp can punch with the force of a 22-caliber bullet? Ever wonder hiw big a newborn blue whale is? Curious to know how long a whale shark actually is? Wacky, wild facts and a bright, bold design will keep struggling and reluctant readers wanting more!

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Cari Meister

From a young age, Cari made up stories. One of her favorite places to make up stories was on her grandpa and grandma's farm in southern Minnesota. There, she would find a quiet little spot in the corn field, or on a swing and let her imagination wander.

Cari has lived in Minnesota, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. She now resides in Evergreen, Colorado with her husband, John, their four boys, two horses, and a very energetic runaway dog named Koki.

Cari loves to visit libraries and schools and talk about the power of the imagination and the joy of reading.

Besides writing and reading, Cari enjoys running, skiing, riding horses, yoga, and playing with Playmobil toys.

Contact information: email Cari at mice2tiny@aol.com. She would love to hear from you.

[Pronunciation guide: Cari (cuh-rye) Meister (my-stir) ]

Photo Credit: Steve Henke Copyright 2010

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