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The freedom to practice religion without government interference predates the founding of the United States. The Puritans and other religions came to the New World partly so they could openly worship without persecution. While persecution certainly still existed, this idea became a big part of the First Amendment to the Constitution. This detailed volume introduces readers to the right to freedom of religion through historical context, challenges to that right, and Supreme Court rulings on cases dealing with freedom of religion. The main content is unbiased and written in clear language appropriate for readers exploring this important topic.

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Stephanie Hoover

STEPHANIE HOOVER is a traditionally published author, freelance journalist and professional researcher.

Stephanie's historical true crime books include:
* The Kelayres Massacre: Politics & Murder in Pennsylvania's Coal Country
* The Killing of John Sharpless
* Philadelphia Spiritualism and the Curious Case of Katie King
All are available from the publisher, and all major book retailers.

Stephanie has appeared on-air on Travel Channel's "Dead Files," and conducted research for NBC's "Who Do You Think You Are? ," PBS's "Finding Your Roots," and Canada's "Ancestors in the Attic." In addition, she conducted archival research for a SyFy Channel special on the Kecksburg, PA UFO incident. Her research was recognized in North South Trader's Civil War, and she has provided background for several published biographies including one on business magnate Charles J. Harrah.

Stephanie is a proud member of The Authors Guild, Sisters in Crime and the American Crime Writers League, and supports other writing organizations. For additional details, visit StephanieHoover.com.

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