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Read by Stefan Rudnicki The sixth installment in the legendary Matt Helm thrillers. A quiet mission of assassination is no sweat for legendary agent Matt Helm-- until a shapely foreign agent he never got around to finishing off lures him into a strange trek in the wilds of northern Mexico. And when a Russian missile is smuggled out of Cuba, it falls into the hands of a political fanatic much too close to home. Originally released in the era of the James Bond novels, the Matt Helm novels were considered grittier and more realistic than Bond, garnering them critical praise and an ardent audience. ,

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Donald Hamilton

Donald Hamilton was born in Glasgow, Scotland, where he went to school and studied law at Strathclyde University. He moved to London in 1987, where he practised law both at a law firm and for a multi-national corporation. During that time Donald travelled extensively, including living in Chicago for two years, and took a voluntary career break teaching water sports in Greece for nine months in 1993 and an involuntary one, during which he travelled round the world with his family, in 2010. Since 2010 Donald has followed a more entrepreneurial life style, running a consultancy specialising in negotiation and a small property business and beginning his journey as a writer and publisher. Inspired as a story teller buy his father, the 2010 trip gave Donald the opportunity to release his writing talents, and his first book, "This is Madness:A Family Travel guide", containing the journals which he and his family wrote on their trip was published in December 2012.

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