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A biography of 2016 Presidential hopeful, US Senator, US Secretary of State, and former first lady Hillary Clinton.A Real-Life Story biography of 2016 presidential hopeful, Hillary Rodham Clinton. With dreams of becoming an astronaut at a young age, Hillary Clinton has always reached for the stars, politically, personally, and professionally. She's led a life devoted to public service, championing the rights of children, women, the disenfranchised. Wellesley, Yale, First Lady of Arkansas, Law firm partner, First Lady of the United States, New York State Senator, Secretary of State...her list of accomplishments are nothing short of extraordinary; her life story as told by acclaimed writer Cheryl Harness, is powerfully inspiring.

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Cheryl Harness

Cheryl Harness makes her home in Independence, Missouri, the "Queen City of the Trails," a couple of blocks away from the big white house where Harry and Bess Truman used to live. She lives with Mimi (a black and white Shih Tsu) ) , and Merrie Emma (a cross-eyed scaredy-cat) . As an author, illustrator, public speaker, and presenter in many an elementary school, Cheryl is known for her engaging, entertaining approach to history, her detailed watercolors, and the way she plays her harmonica.

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