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A rabbit pretends to be every other animal - pig, owl, tiger, mouse, frog - anyone but who he is really is, in this imaginative and inventive story.Jeffrey Turner, the author and illustrator of the witty and wonderful Who Broke the Vase? returns with a story about a rabbit who believes he can be anything he imagines. But when he meets a bat hanging upside down from a tree, he finds out he's not the only one who thinks that way! This clever tale is a little bit Duck Rabbit mixed with a little bit of Not a Box, two bestselling books about imagination and make-believe. This fresh and original, boldly illustrated story also acts as an interactive game with a new animal mask and animal sound on every page.

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Jeffrey Turner

Jeffrey Turner (1954-present) was born and raised in sunny San Diego, California. He graduated from Art Center College of Design with a BA in Fine arts. For thirty years he worked as an Art Director/Creative Director in advertising. His first book, "Who Broke the Vase? ," has earned him a very favorable review with Kirkus Reviews. He currently lives and works in New Jersey. If you want to know more about Jeffrey, visit him at www.ThinkJeffreyTurner.com.

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