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Prepare to be cured by this quirky and hilarious debut novel about a sixteen-year-old loner who is sent to rehab for video game addiction perfect for fans of Ned Vizzini and Jesse Andrews. Sixteen-year-old Jaxon is being committed to video game rehab ten minutes after meeting a girl. A living, breathing girl named Serena, who not only laughed at his jokes but actually kinda sorta seemed excited when she agreed to go out with him. Jaxon s first date. Ever. In rehab, Jaxon can t blast his way through galaxies to reach her. He can t slash through armies to kiss her sweet lips. Instead, he has four days to earn one million points by learning real-life skills. And he ll do whatever it takes lie, cheat, steal, even learn how to cross-stitch in order to make it to his date. If all else fails, Jaxon will have to bare his soul to the other teens in treatment, confront his mother s absence, and maybe admit that it s more than video games that stand in the way of a real connection. From a bright new voice in young adult literature comes the story of a young man with a serious case of arrested development and carpal tunnel syndrome who is about to discover what real life is all about. "

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Christian McKay Heidicker

Christian McKay Heidicker has accomplished a handful of things outside of video games. He published a short story called "There Are No Marshmallows in Camelot" on Cast of Wonders and co-created a storytelling troupe called Simple Simple. He's never met a cute girl at a car wash, but he is dating the loveliest violinist/mother in the world.

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