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In this sweeping sequel to the critically acclaimed Cold Iron - which NPR Books raved, "reminded me, pleasurably, of Robin Hobb's Assassin's Apprentice series" - the Kingdom of Eledore has fallen and Nel and Suvi lead a diaspora of their people to safety, but the magic that has kept the demon forces away is dwindling, and they must find a new way to protect themselves.The Acrasian army has swept through Eledore, nearly massacring the entire race in fear and hatred of the magic they possess. This same magic is all that was keeping the demon incursion at bay, but now the great evil that was banished is seeping into the world. Watchers are formed to warn of any sightings of the demons, but little can be done if one encounters them in shadow or at night.

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Stina Leicht

Science Fiction and Fantasy writer Stina Leicht is a two time Campbell Award nominee, and a Crawford Award Finalist. Her newest work is a flintlock fantasy series called The Malorum Gates which starts with Cold Iron (July 2015.) Her debute novel was Of Blood and Honey, with a follow up novel titled And Blue Skies from Pain. She also has a couple of essays in Lightspeed Magazine's Women Destroy Science Fiction and a flash fiction piece in Ann and Jeff VanderMeer's surreal anthology Last Drink Bird Head. She has a website at csleicht.com and can be found on Twitter and Facebook under StinaLeicht.

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