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If they weren't already dead, working together would probably kill them. After one too many disappointments, Jodie Devlin took her own life. Until a new future can be created for her, she serves as one of Death's bounty hunters, retrieving souls who haunt Earth. She'll need smarts, charm, and trickery to convince these specters to give up the ghost and move on. These same skills come in handy for dealing with her bull-headed, know-it-all trainer. Luc Asante's wife ordered him taken off life support, condemning him to employment in the Afterlife. Now he's saddled with a trainee who's as soft-hearted as he is hard, as impulsive as he is methodical. In a place where perfection is the norm, she flaunts her flaws just to drive him nuts. When the two confront the secrets of their past, only the ultimate sacrifice can save them both.

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Gina Ardito

Gina Ardito has always believed the two most important qualities in life are love and laughter. So it's only natural she'd combine the two in her written works. But that's not all! Gina has a not-so-secret identity: historical romance author Katherine Brandon. This gives her a chance to explore more epic stories with adventure, heart, and sometimes, a little bit of magic. When not writing, she loves and laughs with her husband of 25 years, their two children, a bionic dog, and one cat with a foot fetish, another affectionately known as The Skitten.

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