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"SKETCHY and SNITCH are right up there with the very best of YA fiction" - James Patterson, international bestselling author Secrets. Lies. They smother. But the truth - sometimes the truth is worse. It kills. Leaves blood on your hands. As the days count down to her eighteenth birthday, Bea feels trapped. Trapped by her dark past, by her parents' expectations, even by her own dreams for the future. The road ahead is unclear, blurred with secrets and lies. The only constant, sure thing in her life is Sergeant Dan Daniels. He's faced with a gang-related murder case and asks Bea to use her "skill" to see and then draw the truth out of the suspect...literally. But when she does, it leaves her with more unanswered questions. And then another teen is shot - clinging for his life.

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Olivia Samms

My active imagination prompted me--actually hurled, slammed me headfirst into acting and musical theatre, and after snatching up a degree from Cornell University, I took off running onto the streets of New York, acting and singing in off, off-off, and off-off-off Broadway shows, regional theaters, sang in Nashville and cried on soap operas. I now have chilled a bit, (maybe) and live in Los Angeles with my fabulous husband and two amazing children!

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