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A fun-filled introduction to matter, the elements of the periodic table, atoms, electrons, reactions and bonding, and radioactivity, this volume provides young adults with chemistry examples that reflect their real-world interconnections in science. Key terms, easy experiments, and clear illustrations help to guide students through chemical applications. A chapter about Niels Bohr and his model for the atom honors his contribution to the understanding of atomic structure and to nuclear fission. Tools and techniques, such as a scanning tunneling microscope, Rutherford's gold foil experiment, and a mass spectrometer, highlight this instructive text that is aligned to the Common Core Standards.

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Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson has been a writer and editor for 20 years. He has written more than 80 books and contributed to hundreds more. Tom gets to write about a wide range of subjects, everything from axolotls to zoroastrianism. However, his specialties are natural history, technology and all things scientific. Tom spends his days finding fun ways of communicating these kinds of facts, new and old, to all age groups and reading abilities.
Tom lives in Bristol, England, with his wife and three children. He studied zoology at Bristol University and has had spells working at the zoos in Jersey and Surrey. Tom has also worked as a conservationist, which saw him planting trees in Somerset, surveying Vietnamese jungle and rescuing wildlife from drought-ridden Zimbabwe. Writing jobs have also taken him to the Galápagos Islands, the Amazon rain forest, the coral reefs of Indonesia and the Sahara Desert. Nowadays, he can be found mainly in the attic.

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