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From the author of the Fall 2015 Disney movie The Finest Hours, the "thrilling and perfectly paced" (BOOKLIST ) story of the sinking and rescue of Bounty - the tall ship used in the classic 1962 movie Mutiny on the Bounty - which was caught in the path of Hurricane Sandy with sixteen aboard.On Thursday, October 25, 2012, Captain Robin Walbridge made the fateful decision to sail Bounty from New London, Connecticut, to St. Petersburg, Florida. Walbridge knew that a hurricane was forecast, yet he was determined to sail. The captain told the crew that anyone could leave the ship before it sailed. No one took the captain up on his offer. Four days into the voyage, Superstorm Sandy made an almost direct hit on the ship. A few hours later, the ship suddenly overturned ninety miles off the North Carolina coast in the "Graveyard of the Atlantic," sending the crew tumbling into an ocean filled with towering thirty-foot waves. The coast guard then launched one of the most complex and massive rescues in its history. In the uproar heard across American media in the days following, a single question persisted: Why did the captain decide to sail? Through hundreds of hours of interviews with the crew members and the coast guard, Michael J. Tougias and Douglas A. Campbell create an in-depth portrait of the enigmatic Captain Walbridge, his motivations, and what truly occurred aboard Bounty during those terrifying days at sea. "A white-knuckled, tragic adventure" (Richmond Times-Dispatch) , Rescue of the Bounty is an unforgettable tale about the brutality of nature and the human will to survive.

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Michael J. Tougias

I've written and co-written 30 books for adults and have been fortunate enough to land on the NY Times Bestseller list and had a Disney movie made on The Finest Hours. I've also written several books for children age 8-13, some of which are part of my "True Rescue Series" with MacMillan Publishing. You can learn more about me and see videos related to my books and my presentations at www.michaeltougias.com. My latest 3 books are:1) No Will Set You Free: Learn to Say No, Set Boundaries, Stop People Pleasing, and Live a Fuller Life 2) The Waters Between Us: A Boy, A Father, Outdoor Misadventures, and the Healing Power of Nature. A coming of age story, a father/son relationship, my Dad's courage in the face of years of adversity, and finally a celebration of nature at my remote cabin in Vermont. While the book has it's serious side it also has laugh out loud humor like A Walk In The Woods. 3) Claws (This is a kids book age 9-14. Think "Jaws" only this time its a 7 foot lobster! See the spot on review by Midwest Book Review when you search for the book here on Amazon. I write on a variety of topics which could roughly be grouped as follows:TRUE SURVIVAL & RESCUE STORIES: my books include "Overboard!", "Ten Hours Until Dawn", "The Finest Hours" (now a Disney movie) , "A Storm Too Soon", "Rescue of the Bounty", "Fatal Forecast", and "So Close to Home"HISTORY: "King Philip's War" (co-author) , "Quabbin", "The Blizzard of 78", "Above & Beyond: JFK and America's Most Dangerous Spy Mission"HUMOR AND THE OUTDOORS: "There's a Porcupine in My Outhouse: The Vermont Misadventures of a Mountainman Wannabe" MEMOIR & OUDOOR ADVENTURE: "The Waters Between Us: A Boy, A Father, Outdoor Misadventures, and the Healing Power of Nature.YOUNG ADULT/MIDDLE READER: "Attacked at Sea", "The Finest Hours", "Into the Blizzard", "A Storm Too Soon", "Claws", "In Harms Way"I'm not sure what I'll do next. But I'll follow my intuition. And, of course, the topic has to be something I feel passionate about. I give presentations about my books across the country and also give inspirational talks for businesses on decision-making and reaching difficult goals. You can learn more at www.michaeltougias.com Thank you for all your support! Michael Tougias

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