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From the sun to wind power, from nuclear plants to electricity, energy is an amazing resource that powers our world. Discover the fascinating story of energy and what it is with DK Eyewitness Books: Energy.Applying the award-winning Eyewitness formula to one of the most compelling subjects in the world of science, this title profiles every facet of energy, from the scientists who uncovered its amazing secrets to the impact it has on every aspect of our lives. Learn about how plants convert sunlight into energy through photosynthesis and explore how energy has opened up lines of communication from morse code and telegraphs to GPS and communication satellites.Available for the first time in paperback and featuring more than 180 stunning photographs that help explain what energy is and how it affects our lives, DK Eyewitness Books: Energy helps bring the fascinating story of one of our most valuable resources to life.

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Jack Challoner

Always frustrated by lack of clarity in books he read as a child, Jack long felt the need to make the amazing things that science and technology have achieved accessible to a wide audience. After studying physics in London, he trained as a science and maths teacher, then worked at London's Science Museum, in the education department and in their flagship interactive gallery, Launch Pad.

Jack left the museum in 1991 to write science and technology books, and to write and perform science shows in museums, libraries and schools. He's been doing all that ever since, with nearly forty books to his name. He also works as a consultant on other people's science books, and sometimes in television, helping to develop new ideas or work up existing ones.

He is also a musician and singer, writing, producing and performing music. He lives in Bristol, England.

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