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There's trouble brewing in the woods of Beauville, and the only witness isn't talking.When Pru Marlowe is called to a forest clearing to help with an illegally trapped bear, she finds a colleague passed out drunk, his pet ferret locked in his truck. When one of her old running buddies turns up dead as well and then the town's pampered pets begin to disappear, Pru can't tell if her heavy-drinking colleague is involved - or how much the ferret, a wise little creature called Frank, knows. Frank's not communicating - even to her - and for once the bad-girl animal psychic is at a loss.The offer of a job - and maybe something more - from a hunky warden only complicates Pru's life as she goes on her rounds between her small Berkshires hometown and the woods that lie beyond.

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Clea Simon

Hi! Welcome to my Amazon Connect page. I don't know if you found me because you like fun feline mysteries (my Theda Krakow and Pru Marlowe pet noir series) or savor an academic setting (my Dulcie Schwartz series) . You'll find animals in all of them - and in my Blackie & Care mysteries, "The Ninth Life" and the new "As Dark As My Fur," which take a darker turn than any of my previous books, too (with a black cat, naturally) . Maybe you remember me as a rock music critic - I used to write for everyone from the Boston Phoenix to Rolling Stone. My next mystery, "World Enough," takes me back to the clubs, sticky floors and all.

You might be wondering about my "Dogs Don't Lie." Yup, it's got a dog in it, and many of the Pru Marlowe books feature other animals. But Pru, an animal psychic, couldn't function without her sidekick, an irascible tabby named Wallis. They both appear in "Cats Can't Shoot," "Parrots Prove Deadly," and the latest Pru "Panthers Play for Keeps," and "Kittens Can Kill." (Look for "When Bunnies Go Bad" in March 2016! All from Poisoned Pen Press) Meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying my Theda Krakow series - "Mew is for Murder," "Cattery Row," "Cries and Whiskers," or "Probable Claws" - and my Dulcie Schwartz series (think cats AND ghosts!) with "Shades of Grey," "Grey Matters," "Grey Zone," "Grey Expectations," "True Grey," "Grey Howl," "Stages of Grey," and "Code Grey" (all from Severn House) . Or perhaps we share some family issues, and you're looking at "Mad House" or "Fatherless Women." Or maybe you just love cats and are interested in my "The Feline Mystique." At any rate, good to meet you! I'm a writer and journalist, an avid reader, and am looking forward to making this page lively and fun.

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