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Murder by witchcraft?
Private investigator and former beauty queen Madeline Maclin thought she'd seen it all in her small North Carolina town of Celosia. Yet EVIL TURNS, fifth in the lively series by Jane Tesh, opens with a young man's body covered in strange occult symbols found in a local vineyard, putting Maddy on notice that there is more than one witch in the neighborhood.
Years ago, a group of women in town formed Darkrose Coven, a practice now taken up by younger residents who insist that their dark rose tattoos only honor their favorite character from the popular Pagan Desires books and movies. Has the old coven reappeared? Is the new coven responsible for the ritualistic murder?
Intrigue unfolds as Celosia prepares for its centennial. The Women's Improvement Society, led by wealthy, obnoxious Amanda Price, plans to create an outdoor musical drama, Flower of the South, extolling Emmaline Ross, one of the state's first vintners. Amanda steamrolls past City Councilmember Harold Stover, who fears Celosia cannot afford this costly venture, and Nathan Fenton, who refuses to let her use his Camp Lakenwood land for the production. When Harold is murdered, Amanda is the prime suspect. She hires Maddy to prove her innocence.
Are the two murders connected? What about Megan Underwood, a local wiccan from the defunct commune, Peaceful Meadow, which had ties to the Darkrose Coven? Megan complicates Maddy's inquiries, drifting in and out of town claiming she is Emmaline reborn.
What is the secret the Darkrose Coven is so desperate to hide?
Maddy is stretched to the limit. Not only is she juggling her time investigating murder suspects, feuding locals, and a long-ago missing infant. She also has to fend off threats by a disreputable goon from her husband's past-her talented and charming spouse, Jerry Fairweather, had once been a con artist. Their current life together, committed to the straight and narrow, could be totally wrecked.
Madeline needs magic of her own to unravel the twists and turns of tangled relationships and to find one singular lost soul.

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Jane Tesh

Jane Tesh lives and writes in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. She was born on New Year's Eve many years ago in the town of Thomasville, NC, City of the Big Chair. Her family moved to Greensboro and then bought a small farm in the neighboring community of Summerfield, so Jane had all the advantages of city life and farm life. Her first writing efforts included a poem about a flat-footed flea and the holiday adventures of Frito the Penguin. Encouraged by her parents and teachers, she continued to write, contributing to school newspapers and magazines, entering contests, and creating new episodes of favorite TV shows for her friends. She was never without a spiral notebook or two. In 1972, Jane graduated from Lenoir Rhyne College in Hickory, NC, with a B.A, in English. She then said, "Now what?" Fortunately, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro offered a teacher's certificate and a Masters all in one program. Jane graduated from UNC-G with a Masters in Education and started looking for a job. The Mount Airy City school system needed a full-time librarian and decided Jane was right for Jones Elementary School. Jane stayed at Jones for 30 years. She enjoyed reading to children, and the long teachers' meetings were useful for writing chapters of her latest books. During those 30 years, Jane was constantly writing books and sending them out to agents and publishers. She had success selling plays to Plays Magazine, but her goal was to publish a novel. She retired in December, 2004, and was offered a contract for A Case of Imagination from Poisoned Pen Press the following February. Perfect timing. As she starts this phase of her writing career, Jane hopes to find homes for the dozens of other manuscripts sitting patiently in her office. Meanwhile, she plays piano for productions at the Andy Griffith Playhouse, teaches aerobics and kickboxing, and spends time with Winkie, her one-eyed Chihuahua.

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