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Out of the ice, into the fire! . Determined to prove herself to her illustrious family, Eleanore Harrington accepts an offer to create a glittering new ice hotel. The catch? Her new boss is Lukas Kuznetskov, a man as cold and unyielding as the ice she works with. . Lukas assumed that Eleanore would melt to his every command. But his blood is fired by the white-hot embers smoldering between them, and his focus shifts from professional to pleasure! When he discovers Eleanores body is as pure as the driven snow, the ruthless Russian makes her virginity his final demand ... . Welcome to The Chatsfield!

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Michelle Conder

Michelle Conder writes sexy, fast-paced, contemporary romance novels that she hopes leave readers feeling uplifted and smiling. She currently lives in Australia with her husband, three children, various pets, and a newly purchased cuckoo clock that feels like a member of the family. When she's not writing Michelle can usually be found reading and/or thinking about food - her other great loves. If you would like to contact Michelle please do so via her website: www.michelleconder.com

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