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A young child skates, bakes, and milks the cow while the moon wondrously transforms above. When they walk through the woods with their skates, the moon is a frozen pond. When they tend the cow, the moon is the milk at the bottom of the pail. Stunning illustrations by Josée Bisaillon capture how imagination shapes the environment around us. This simple board book shows children that the way they see the world - by heart, mind and imagination - is just right. Reveling in metaphor, The Moon Is a Silver Pond encourages that magical leap of imagination and asks the reader to look at everyday objects from a different perspective. Watch for the follow-up, The Sun Is a Peach, in spring 2020.

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Sara Cassidy

Sara Cassidy is the author of five critically acclaimed novels for children and pre-teens, most recently of Skylark, about a girl who discovers the transportive power of poetry while living in a car with her mother and brother.

Her novel for young teens, Double Play, is about a boy who wants to play on the girls' baseball team, and about the children of a same sex couple in a small, conservative town.

In Sara's chapter book, Seeing Orange, seven-year old Leland struggles at school despite being incredibly imaginative and skilled at drawing. "I was so impressed with this book. The content is just fantastic. My heart broke for this kid and the very real and very common problems that he has at school," said CBC Radio book reviewer Nikki Tate. Library Media Connection described Seeing Orange as "full of vivid descriptions and emotion...a fine choice for both classroom and school libraries."

Slick and Windfall are both about 13-year-old, strong-willed, creative Liza Maybird as she evolves into an environmental activist. CM Magazine gave Slick its highest rating of four stars, calling it a "well-written, fast-paced, high interest novel with compelling characters written for reluctant readers...Liza is an appealing, interesting and realistic character. The book also encourages girls and tweens in general to become interested in political issues and current events." Booklist said of Slick that it was "slender, easy-to-read, and strongly purposeful...upbeat." School Library Journal noted that "with its short length and high-interest, action-packed nature, this empowering book will be a favorite with younger teens."

Windfall also received CM Magazine's highest rating of four stars. "(A) fast, entertaining read suitable for young teens...this charming book about teen activism lives up to the high expectations set by Sara Cassidy's first novel, Slick."

Sara lives in Victoria, BC, with her three children. As well as works for children, Sara's short stories and poems have appeared in many literary magazines and anthologies.

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