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Cady has always wanted to be a reporter, like her hero Nellie Bly, so after a fire burns down the orphanage she lives in, she's ready to leave small-town Ontario and make her mark as a newspaperwoman. A crumbling newspaper clipping leads her to Orrenstown, Indiana, where her investigation into a long-ago murder earns her a hard lesson in race relations. Smart and determined, and more than a little headstrong, Cady pokes a stick into a wasp's nest of lies, dirty politics, corrupt law enforcement and racial tension - and ends up fearing for her life as she closes in on something she's never cared about before - the truth about her own origins. Part of the SECRETS - a series of seven linked novels that can be read in any order.

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Norah McClintock

Norah McClintock's fascinating mysteries are hard to put down. Her Chloe & Levesque series, Mike & Riel series, and Robyn Hunter series, all published by Scholastic Canada, have been popular with readers in many countries. Norah has also written several crime novels for reluctant readers in the Orca Soundings series from Orca Book Publishers, Norah is a five-time winner of the Crime Writers of Canada's Arthur Ellis Award for Best Juvenile Crime Novel. Read Mistaken Identity, The Body in the Basement, Sins of the Father, Scared to Death, and Break and Enter to find out why! Norah's books have been translated into more than a dozen languages, and she has won numerous awards. - Juvenileo 1996 - Mistaken Identity - Winnero 1998 - The Body in the Basement - Winnero 1999 - Sins of the Father - Winnero 2002 - Scared to Death - Winnero 2003 - Break and Enter - Winner o 2004 - Hit and Run - Winner

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