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Pam Withers

Pam Withers is a former journalist, editor and outdoor guide who has written 19 sports and adventure novels for teens plus a sports biography and a book on boys and literacy (Jump-Starting Boys, co-authored with her sister, Cynthia Gill) . First Descent won several awards (Silver, Nautilus Book Awards, and Silver, ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year in youth adult fiction) ; several other of her books have been nominated for awards. Pam grew up in Wisconsin and the Dakotas, and has also lived in California, Washington, New York City and Ireland. The mother of one son, she lives with her husband in Vancouver, Canada. Website: www.pamwithers.com. Blog: http://www.pamwithers.com/pw/? page_id=472Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pam-Withers/145621658823645#!/pages/Pam-Withers/145621658823645? v=wallTwitter: https://twitter.com/pamwithers

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