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Some people count their blessings, but dogwalker Stephen Nobel counts mistakes. Dogwalker extraordinaire Stephen Nobel can get a little anxious, but his habit of counting the mistakes he and everyone else makes calms him. His need to analyze gets kicked into hyperdrive after two crazy events happen in one day at school: the bomb squad blows up a backpack and someone smashes a car into the building. To make things worse, that someone thinks Stephen can identify them. Stephen receives a threatening text. If he goes to the police, his favourite dogs, Ping and Pong, will get hurt. The pressure mounts when his new best friend, Renée, begs for Stephen's help. Her brother has been charged with the crimes and she wants to clear his name. Is it a mistake to give in to dognappers? How can he possibly save everybody? To find out, Stephen will have to count on all of his new friends.

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Sylvia McNicoll

Born in Ajax, Sylvia McNicoll (pseudonym Genna Dare ) grew up in Montreal, Quebec where she received her BA in English with a minor in Economics from Concordia University. She began her writing career with adult short stories and household tips that were published in women's magazines, and moved on to freelance articles for Burlington local newspapers. Her friend and published author, Gisela Sherman, convinced her to take a children's writing course by Paul Kropp at Sheridan College. It was under his guidance that she wrote her first book "Blueberries and Whipped Cream" as a class project. Nine published books later she returned to Sheridan College to teach creative writing for a decade. She also edited "Today's Parent Toronto" for eight years. Among her award winning published works are: Project disaster, illustrated by Brian Boyd (Scholastic Canada, 1990) - Winner of Our Choice, 1990-91The big race! Illustrated by Susan Gardos (Scholastic Canada, 1996) - winner of Our Choice, 1996-97Jump Start, illustrated by Janet Wilson (Collier Macmillan Canada, 1989) - winner of Our Choice, 1989-90Bringing Up Beauty (Maxwell Macmillan Canada, 1994) - winner of Our choice, 1995-96; Silver Birch Award, 1996; Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award, 1997Caught in a Lie (Scholastic Canada, 2000) - winner of Explora-Toy award, 2001

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