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ALL DOGS GO TO KEVIN is a humorous and touching memoir that will appeal to anyone who has ever loved an animal or lost hours in James Herriot's classic veterinary stories. You can't always count on people, but you can always count on your dog. No one knows that better than veterinarian Jessica Vogelsang.

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Jessica Vogelsang

Dr. Jessica Vogelsang grew up exploring the woods of her small New England town with her little Lhasa Apso, Taffy. After moving to San Diego and gradually becoming accustomed to the Southern California lifestyle over a ten year period, she decided to stay in California and go to vet school. She married a pet-ambivalent tech guy who has slowly warmed up to the idea of a house full of pets, but he's still leery of adding chickens into the mix. After working in both general and emergency practice, Dr. Vogelsang discovered a passion for working with pets and families in the end-stages of life, and now practices full time with Paws into Grace providing hospice care to dogs and cats.

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