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" Laura Rose White is one of the most gifted riverboat pilots on the Missouri River--her late father taught her and her brother Joe everything he knew, and even named their family's riverboat after her. But in 1867, the idea of a "skirt" being a captain is unheard of. At least until Joe takes ill and dies in the middle of a trip, leaving Laura grieving and halfway upriver with a full cargo. She successfully takes charge of the crew and expertly guides the Laura Rose back to St. Louis. But it seems her troubles are just beginning. Laura learns Joe had taken out a loan, and if she fails to repay it, she could lose the boat that is not only her livelihood, but also her home. The only way to save it is to convince the men in charge she's capable of being a captain and pilot, and they have a few nearly insurmountable conditions.

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Stephanie Grace Whitson

Award-winning, best-selling novelist Stephanie Grace Whitson began playing with imaginary friends (i.e., writing fiction) when an abandoned pioneer cemetery near the Whitson's country home provided not only a hands-on history lesson for her four home schooled children but also a topic of personal study. In 2014, Whitson celebrated her twentieth year as a published novelist. When not writing or researching, Stephanie enjoys reading, quilting, spoiling her grandchildren and/or Kona Kai (the golden retriever) , and riding her motorcycle named Kitty. Learn more at www.stephaniewhitson.com

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