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Examines the life and career of the New York attorney general and governor.He is tactically brilliant, charismatic, yet also dark, brooding, and vindictive. He is an old-school boss who rules by fear, even as he puts himself forward as the new, 21st-century Democrat. In many ways his story is iconic: scion of a political family, the Italian-American governor's son who aims for nothing less than the presidency. A cabinet secretary at 39, he ran for governor in his first bid for elected office and was soundly drubbed, as his high-profile marriage to a Kennedy daughter ended in tabloid scandal. How he pulled himself up--first as attorney general, then as governor--is great political drama. Cuomo has proven he can twist arms like Lyndon Johnson and make a legislature work--a skill notably lacking in our current president.

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Michael Shnayerson

Michael Shnayerson, Vanity Fair writer, non-fiction author. "Boom" "Harry Belafonte My Song" "The Contender" "Coal River" "The Killers Within" "The Car That Could" "Irwin Shaw."

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