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Make holidays simpler and more delicious with these 100 celebratory Instant Pot® recipes!

Holidays can be busy and stressful - but fortunately, your Instant Pot® can make preparing that special meal for family and friends so much easier. This official cookbook features 100 fabulous recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas, along with an introduction full of tips and advice on using this must-have appliance. It goes from festive beginnings, such as appetizers, first courses, and welcoming drinks, to show-stopping entrees, side dishes, dressings, and desserts. Plus, there's a dedicated chapter for leftover makeovers! You'll even find ideas for gifts from the kitchen that everyone will love.

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Heather Schlueter

I was a successful litigation attorney for many years - It's where I learned the power of persuasive writing. I figured that if I could convince judges and juries to award millions of dollars to my clients, then I can probably convince you to try my Instant Pot Lava Cake from TheSpicyApron.com

I was the CEO of a large medical practice and laboratory that I helped start and run until it was sold to a national organization - It's where I learned how to manage a bazillion things at one time. And keep a smile on my face!

I owned a tattoo shop - Now that was interesting! That's where I learned the power of social media.

I was a pharmaceutical sales rep - That's where I learned how to "work it" in a short skirt.

I used to sell cars - It's where I learned the value of honesty. It's always the best policy.

I was a model in Hollywood (many many years ago!) - It's where I learned how to prance around in a bikini and not feel stupid. It's also where I learned how to take rejection. Lots of rejection! (Maybe I should have re-thought that whole bikini thing ... )

I have five kids - They're each two years apart. Numbers four and five were born while I was in law school. That's when I learned the real meaning of organization. I don't really remember law school. Can you blame me?

I was a nationally ranked springboard diver - That's when I learned that no matter how good you are, there's always someone better. Learn from them.

I have had marriage failures and successes - I've learned WAY too many things through those to list here. But it boils down to ... you get what you give. And the giving comes first.

I cook for anywhere from 12-20 people nearly every day - I have an amazing, wonderful, fun, exciting, and sometimes infuriating family! They're awesome, and I wouldn't change anything for the world! I'm one lucky person!!

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