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Follow the Rainbow Path, with this the classic reference to Native American healing - now with an attractive new cover and design. For centuries, tribal shamans have used these remarkable healing practices to bring spiritual seekers into harmony with the world around them. In keeping with that Native tradition, mystic Mary Dean Atwood uses symbolic stories to illustrate the power of shamanic techniques, and offers detailed guidance to help you change your thought patterns, eliminate mind-cluttering worries, and develop contact with your spirit guide. Master the secrets of rock divination, animal-spirit communication, and message reading - and embark upon a life-altering vision quest to find your higher self.

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Mary Dean Atwood

I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Oklahoma and New Mexico with reciprocity in over a dozen other states. I have been interested in helping people all my life and have done intensive study in Native American spiritual practices and healing methods as well as Eastern Religious meditations, and spirituality of both Hindu and Buddhism. I am the author of ,Spirit Healing: How to Make Your Life Work as well as Spirit Healing: Native American Magic and Medicine and Spirit Herbs. My web site is www.Spirithealingmakeyourlifework.com As a clinical psychologist, I have worked with people of all ages with varying problems. I have studied natural, and holistic methods of healing and alternative medicine for 35 years and believe that health problems are the result of the mind, body, and spirit needing attention. Beginning to work on healing on one area naturally helps the other two if INTENT and an attempt to join with the DIVINE are present.

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