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Who's the picky eater? Not Matilda! A little girl with adventurous tastes turns the tables on her food-fussy parents and teaches them that dinner can be more than chicken nuggets. Matilda Macaroni loves to try new foods, whether it's her grandma's jambalaya or sushi at a sleepover. But, in this fun, twisted picture book, it's finicky mom and dad - not the child - who eat only pizza with pepperoni (delivered) , burgers from a bag, or noodles from a box. Eager to experience new flavors, Matilda secretly sets out to learn how to cook, satisfy her hunger for something more . . . and expand her parents' palates, too.

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Ryan Miller

When Ryan Miller was 4, he declared he wanted to be a writer and that he didn't like onions, raw tomatoes, mushrooms, and most types of meat. Sixteen years later, in college, he began writing professionally - and found that he actually enjoyed just about everything on his "will not eat" list. He has since worked as a columnist, reporter, newspaper editor, online marketer, and blogger, sometimes all at once, but he most enjoys writing books. HOW TO FEED YOUR PARENTS is his first to be published. Now - almost four decades after he first started shaping letters on paper - he lives in Northern California with his wife, three children, dog, and small flock of egg-laying hens. All of them read and eat a lot, though the humans do the bulk of the reading. Ryan still does not like raw tomatoes (even the ones that grow in his yard) , but he promises to try them every so often to see if that changes.

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