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Seventy years after his death, Nikola Tesla has become a rock star. Lightning Strikes examines his complete life and legacy, including Tesla's profound influence on everything from systems integration to drone warfare. Engineers, entrepreneurs, and academics will find it invaluable not only for the never-before-published interviews and archives, but also for the creative principles that visionaries like Larry Page and Elon Musk have used to build iconic brands and groundbreaking inventions. The book also reveals why the government and business leaders wanted to shut down Tesla's bold experiments, and how hundreds of his ideas are now being implemented globally - including clean power, robotics, alternating current motors, and wireless transmission of power and information.

As a bonus, a free augmented reality app from Yetzer Studio allows you to scan beautiful full-color illustrations in the book, unlocking an interactive 3D animation as well as videos honoring Tesla's life and legacy.

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John F. Wasik

I am the author of 16 books, including my most recent book "Lightning Strikes: Timeless Lessons in Creativity from the Life and Work of Nikola Tesla." I also contribute to The New York Times, Forbes, CBS Moneywatch and several other national publications. Lightning Strikes is about discovery and creativity through the lens of Nikola Tesla's life and enduring legacy. The ideas and inventions he left us with are still shaping our present and future in profound ways. As the creator of the operating system of the 20th century, Tesla deserves focused attention as an innovator and disruptor. I'm hoping to guide you into the source and evolution of his ideas in an historiography that not only looks at how he arrived at his inventions, but how you can tap the same source of creation. I will introduce you to modern-day Teslas like Larry Page and Elon Musk and those who are trying to build upon Tesla's many powerful ideas. I'll also revisit his relationships with giants like Edison, Westinghouse, Einstein, JP Morgan, Mark Twain, Orson Welles and many others. I've traveled across Europe to find traces of Tesla with stops in Chicago, Philadelphia and New York. Ultimately, this is a journey to find the spiritual Tesla, the tamer of flame-like power that still haunts us. It is this sojourn that most of us need to embark upon as we struggle to reinvent ourselves and survive on this verdant planet. I'll be speaking about Tesla, creativity and innovation all over the country. I will be promoting the idea that anyone can reinvent themselves and dip into their infinite well of creativity.

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