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This is not your average mystical tome—but a special spellbook by two practicing witches.Here is the thoroughly comprehensive, absolutely definitive guide to spells—the basic handbook for anyone looking to practice some hands-on magic. Delightfully well written and practical, filled with atmospheric illustrations and diagrams throughout, it encompasses all the principles and philosophy of spell casting, and gives recipes for charms to solve common contemporary problems. This offers what most witchcraft and Wicca books dont an in-depth understanding of whats behind the spells and why they work. Its amazing how much magic is in here Geomancy, Elemental Scrying, Tree Divination, Mystic Dance and Drumming, Kitchen Witchery, and lots more. From healing, protection, and attraction spells to spells for discernment, repulsion, and concealing, not a topic goes uncovered.

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Dixie Deerman

Lady Passion (Dixie Deerman) is co-author of The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells For Modern Problems. The comprehensive Witchcraft book is referenced as source material in numerous other titles, such as Christopher Penczak's, etc.A public Witch since 1976, a Registered Nurse since 1988, High Priestess of the religious nonprofit Coven Oldenwilde since 1994, and prison Wiccan clergy since 1995, Lady Passion is a Third Degree Gardnerian who teaches British and Italian Strega magic.A Witch activist, she has set numerous national, state, and local legal precedents in the areas of religious rights, public health law, and peace and pro-environment issues (see at: oldenwilde.org). Her public Witch rituals have garnered national T.V. coverage (Extra!, CNN, etc.). Her Witch work is cited in Drawing Down the Moon.A prolific occult writer, she's been published in numerous magazines, such as NewWitch and Oracle 20/20. She writes for: oldenworks.org and wiccans.org.Lady Passion does interviews abroad (BBC London radio), regularly performs magic for T.V. projects (Universal, Trafford Media, etc.), and lectures about Craft topics at universities.A renown seer, she fields calls from her worldwide clients from her 3-story Appalachian Covenstead that's registered as a wildlife habitat.

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