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"Give Tana Amen two weeks and she will change your life with The Omni Diet, a science-based nutritional and lifestyle program that bridges the gap between plant-based and high-protein programs. It offers readers a simple plan that provides both: an abundance of illness-fighting nutrients from whole living foods and high quality protein to keep the brain sharp and muscles and organs functioning at peak condition. The balance of 70% plant-based foods and 30% protein restores energy, slashes risk of disease, optimizes brain and hormone functioning, produces dramatic weight loss, and promotes health from the inside out. The Omni Diet offers three, two-week phases, followed by a maintenance plan that is the guide to a lifetime of healthy living. With many delicious recipes and important advice and tips, such as how to mimic longevity-inducing calorie restriction without drastically cutting calories, readers will see results immediately--in their weight and in their overall health.

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