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What would you sacrifice for the people you love? KATE AND ZOE met at nineteen when they both made the cut for the national training program in track cycling - a sport that demands intense focus, blinding exertion, and unwavering commitment. They are built to exploit the barest physical and psychological edge over equally skilled rivals, all of whom are fighting for the last one tenth of a second that separates triumph from despair. Now at thirty-two, the women are facing their last and biggest race: the 2012 Olympics. Each wants desperately to win gold, and each has more than a medal to lose. Kate is the more naturally gifted, but the demands of her life have a tendency to slow her down. Her eight-year-old daughter Sophie dreams of the Death Star and of battling alongside the Rebels as evil white blood cells ravage her personal galaxy - she is fighting a recurrence of the leukemia that nearly killed her three years ago.

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Chris Cleave

My website: chriscleave.com
My Twitter: @chriscleave
My Instagram: chriscleave

Hello and thank you for being interested in my novels. My new one, EVERYONE BRAVE IS FORGIVEN, is out in April 2016 and you can preorder it now. My previous books are LITTLE BEE, GOLD and INCENDIARY.

My stories are about people at the extremes of human experience: refugees, the bereaved, the elite, the embattled. What I like about a novel is its ability to grow on you. People do grow. Situations change in an instant, but the character responds in its own time. I write as a psychologist, revealing how we change.

My novels have all been award winners and bestsellers, including a New York Times #1. I thank my readers for making that happen. My side of the bargain is that I will always push myself harder, trying to make each book better than the last.

I think highly of my readers, and feel that I'm writing up to them.

I live in London, England, with my wife and our three children.

If you have read one of my books, thank you. If you're thinking of doing so, I hope very much that you'll enjoy it.

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